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The Search

Welcome to My Blogg Site

This Web site features my search for god, the truth, the way and life in this world.

My Start

The life began with aeroplane and teachers. The meeting of my parents began with a tour to a hangar in far west of Borneo island. Well you can say secluded, it is isolated from mega cosmopolitian. I came to breath on this planet on a beautiful day. it was the day Titanic sank, the day Da Vinci Was born. Well coincidental i think.  

From Then

I could remember still the days where i use to run around like a child. i was a child hmmm. There was this "jambu" tree i use to climb fill with huge red ants. i wasnt afraid then until i got bitten. Never learn my lesson well enough. Haha. There was time i played near the drain or in the drains. it just wasnt me only there were other kids my age or around my age. we were like innocent and having fun. thats all i could think of at that particular moment. not fastidious nor picky about things, unlike now. :)

when i was 5, i came to stay with me grandparents in the capital. I was flyin in military class planes. About every other year. I began education at that time. my first was a nursery/kindergarden where the only think i could remember of was learning Jawi/Arab. and the only where i brought my toy plane to class and got stolen i was kindof piss. well i deserved it. I should have not bring it to school. i was kindof smart back then. i could do multiplication before the age of 6. i took Malay also. well all thanks to my aunt. she was there for educational push. there was reward also. hhaha. I remember i very naughty too. there were times my mouth got plastered because of talkin too much in class. once it was on the first year of kindergarden and 2nd year of kindergarden.


The Introduction


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The Middle Age


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